About me

Expert in Equity, Derivatives, Commodities, Index Future and Options, Forex Trading. 

Professional Trader, Instructor & Learner

8+ Years of experience in the market & 3+ Years of Teaching Experience. 

Hi I’m Arijit Patra. I started my journey in the Stock Market in 2012, which I gained from books and exploring the internet; I didn’t succeed with that. After that, I decided to learn Demand Supply based Price Action Strategy in 2014 and successfully started trading in Stock Futures, Index, and Commodity Segment. Later I started teaching people. I love interacting with people and understanding their psychology, and as per their need, I try to guide them. First of all, I try to convert my student’s psychology from a beginner to a professional level and provide them with practical knowledge in every market situation based on the price action strategy. My objective is to convert a student into a successful and full-time trader.

Instructor Message

“In my long trading journey, I applied so many strategies to get success, I tried indicator-based trading like MACD, Moving average, and Bollinger band Ichimoku but every trading strategy there has some drawback. An indicator-based technical analysis generates a buy and sells signal after a significant rally or decline in price only. The technical indicator is following the price action, not that price will follow the technical indicator. I do teach only demand supply-based theory by which you will learn how to buy at the lowest low area and how to sell the highest high area. A technical indicator never shows you the proper entry, exit, or stop loss location that is why you will never only rely on the technical indicator. 

To solely rely on a technical indicator to give you a reason to enter a trade either long or short, would be unwise because a trader needs to understand how price moves in the first place before relying on anything else to decide to enter or exit the market. This is why at my end I will teach the rule-based core strategy of recognizing institutional supply and demand on any market and on any given time frame. By recognizing the behavior of institutions, we have an edge in the marketplace which allows them to buy low and sell high with very low risk and incredible potential reward.”